Welcome to Dave’s Place!

Welcome to Garroway at Large, an online tribute to the original Master Communicator, Dave Garroway!

While Dave Garroway is most remembered as the original host of NBC’s Today program, there’s so much more to his remarkable story. Not only was Dave a pioneering broadcaster whose influences remain to this day, and not only did he host numerous programs on radio and television, but his interests and influences spanned numerous fields.

This website is not only meant as a tribute to the “Old Tiger,” but it also serves as an online home for our ongoing research into Garroway for research into a comprehensive biographical project we’re undertaking, which we hope to have in completed manuscript form within the next year or so.

This site is a work in progress, and we’ll add more as time and resources allow. Please have a look around, check out our blog for the latest information, and enjoy what we’ve put together. And if you have anything you’d like to share here – or, better still, if you knew, worked with, or are related to Dave and are willing to share your recollections – please contact us!

Thanks for visiting – and please enjoy a sentimental journey through the wide, wide world of Dave Garroway.