Enjoy these links to our friends, to organizations that have helped us, or to sites we just think are kind of cool.

Eyes of a Generation
Your one-stop source for anything and everything related to television history, courtesy of our very good friend (and friend of the project) Bobby Ellerbee.

The Monitor Tribute Pages
Dennis Hart’s terrific tribute to NBC’s innovative weekend radio service. Includes some neat Garroway content and hours upon hours of great Monitor clips.

The Kuklapolitan Website
The gentle world Burr Tillstrom created lives on here. Stop by and visit Dave’s friends Kukla, Fran, Ollie, and all the rest of the Kuklapolitan Players.

The Archive of American Television
An incredible collection of videotaped interviews conducted with hundreds of broadcast figures, spanning the dawn of the medium to the present day. Among others, you’ll find a lengthy and enjoyable interview with Dave’s favorite writer, Charlie Andrews.

It’s About TV
Mitchell Hadley’s reflections about television and culture. Don’t miss his regular deep dives into TV Guide issues from yesteryear, which are always fascinating.

Tumblr feed of the University of Maryland’s Special Collections in Media and Culture, home of the Library of American Broadcasting, where some of the Garroway papers now reside. There’s always something interesting going on there.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Among the Society’s holdings are a massive collection related to broadcast history, including the National Broadcasting Company papers.