The Dave Garroway Story

The life of Dave Garroway is told below, in seven parts. By necessity it’s brief (if we tell everything here, what will we have for the book?), but it’ll give you an overview of the major events in his life. Along the way, we hope to dispel a few myths and share some things not generally known about the complicated life of a fascinating man.

You can read through the sections in order, or if a particular era interests you, click directly on it. (You’ll also find a partial source list on the final page.)

1. The early years (1913-1935)
2. A career begins (1935-1942)
3. A change of plans in Hawaii (1942-1945)
4. Hello, old tiger (1945-1951)
5. This is Today, on NBC (1952-1955)
6. The Doctor (1955-1961)
7. After Today (1962-1982)